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Free online webinars - 12th-15th October and 19th October

from 4.00 - 4.45pm

TechEd Showcase will be hosting 5 live assistive technology SEN twilight webinars, which will take place between 4.00-4.45pm on the 12th-15th October and 19th October.

Once you have registered, you will be able to watch any of the webinars live or you'll have access to watch the recorded webinars until the 1st November, so you won't miss out!

Webinars will be presented by:

Inspiration 10 on Monday 12th October

InPrint 3 by Widgit on Tuesday 13th October

Wordshark Online on Wednesday 14th October

Claro Software on Thursday 15th October

Rainforest Coding on Monday 19th October

This event is aimed at SENCos, Inclusion Managers, Senior Leadership Team, SEN Governors, Local Authority SEND Advisors, Additional Learning Support and Disability Advisers, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Mentors, Study Skills Tutors, and Specialist TAs in schools and colleges.


Showcase Webinar Presenters

Presentation by Inspiration:

Inspiration 10  - empower and engage your SEND students to capture and communicate their ideas and understanding visually; then kick start the writing process

Learn how the simplicity of Inspiration 10 and its highly visual approach supports students with SpLDs, autism and anxiety to maximise their potential; for planning and organising, communicating ideas, making visual notes, outlining, writing, revision and creating presentations.

Users quickly capture and develop their ideas graphically, kick start the writing process by adding notes and outlining; then either transfer their work to Word or PowerPoint.

Attend this webinar and get a free copy of Inspiration 10.

About TechEd Marketing, the Publisher

Presentation by Inprint 3:

Create Personalised Symbol Materials

We will be demonstrating InPrint 3 which comes with our database of over 18,000 Widgit Symbols.

InPrint 3 is the perfect tool to create visual supports and learning materials. We will be showing you 100’s of editable templates you can use as the ideal starting point for your projects. We will demonstrate the range of powerful design and layout features that are easy to use and allow you to create resources in minutes. Sue will also show you how to personalise materials by adding your own images and photos.

There is no limit to what you can create with InPrint 3!

About Widgit

Presentation by Wordshark Online:

Wordshark Online: Reading and spelling with the new Wordshark!

We will be presenting Wordshark Online, our new whole-school version to address reading and spelling needs – accessible from home or from school, on Chromebooks, iPads, laptops etc.

Based on the highly successful classic Wordshark, reluctant students are motivated by its carefully thought-through games and structured word lists.

New age-neutral graphics make Wordshark usable with a wide age range including secondary.

The online version adds a placement test and course with automatic progression.

We will include how to create your own lists, to set work, to access records, and most importantly Wordshark’s versatility to tailor the program with your particular students in mind.

About Wordshark Online

Presentation by Claro Software:

ClaroRead in the classroom and exams

You have students with dyslexia and other reading and writing difficulties: we have software on every platform that can help, but there is so much of it! During the webinar I will show you the main features of ClaroRead and focus on how it can be used in the classroom and during exams. Bring your questions and contact us if you would like a free individual copy.

About Claro Software 

Presentation by Rainforest Coding:

Rainforest Coding - Coding Solution for SEND

We make it fun and easy for SEND and primary age students to learn coding, both in the classroom and at home. 

Easy to set up by teachers, Rainforest coding offers a fun, self-paced, online learning environment for students to learn Scratch coding. Plus, with in-built reports, teachers can easily monitor progress at a class and student level - providing evidence of skills learnt and progress made. 

As students complete adventures, they face a series of interactive puzzles, games and challenges, centred around learning the key principles of coding. As well as the basics they will learn advanced programming techniques such as Define Blocks, Conditional Statements, Cloning and Variables.

About Rainforest Coding