TechEd Showcase AT Speed Dates

Belfast - 16th September 2021

Sheffield - 23rd September 2021

The TechEd Showcase team are excited to announce our return to live events with our FREE AT Speed Dates.

These have always been run to enable small groups of like-minded professionals to listen to the latest developments in assistive technology software from AT specialists. The groups will consist of 5-7 people who will be allocated a seat for the duration of the event. Each presenter will move between each of the groups to minimise movement around the room.

The events will look and feel a little different this time as we put in place procedures to help us deliver a safe and secure event for our delegates, exhibitors and staff. Having spoken to the AT community over the last few months, we are confident that there is the desire and anticipation to come back together in person after a long time away.

Book now for:

✓ Live, small group demonstrations from 8 assistive technology specialists

✓ Free CPD to help you provide the best support for your students and staff

✓ 20-minute sessions with regular breaks, covering a wide range of topics

✓ The opportunity to interact with the presenter and others in your group

✓ Free licences from some of the exhibitors


Thursday 16th September, 9.30am-1.05pm in Belfast.

Inspiration 10, Claro Software, Glean (formerly Sonocent), Brain in Hand, Spellex, Gordon Morris and Learning Labs Ltd.

Thursday 23rd September, 9.30am-1.05pm in Sheffield.

Inspiration 10, Claro Software, Glean (formerly Sonocent), Brain in Hand, Spellex, Gordon Morris, Present Pal and Learning Labs Ltd.

AT Presentations

Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand: supporting students in Higher Education

Come and find out more about this combination of technology and real human support that allows students to take control in the way that is right for them. We will include a practical display of the Brain in Hand system, give you an insight into the human support involved in the student's Brain in Hand journey and, share some of our latest student case studies.

Claro Software

Getting the most out of ClaroRead and Claro Writing Helper 

Join Mary to discover how to get the most out of ClaroRead when reading, writing, studying and working. Also take a look at our new product, Claro Writing Helper.


The new go-to note taking solution for users with neuro differences and disabilities

We will explore the Glean note taking solution and how it solves the note-taker’s dilemma: either write notes and miss important information; or hear everything but don't write notes!

Glean’s clean accessible workspace, creates a distraction-free, stress-free process to help users focus in the moment and then later organise and utilise information to create meaningful notes. It’s a simple solution for supporting note-taking needs; work online and offline anywhere at any time. Plus, it has proven to be the ideal note taking tool for remote learning.

Gordon Morris

Latest Developments in Hearing Technology for Students

We will present on why hearing aids alone do not provide optimum listening ability within an individual's normal busy lifestyle, and particularly for the dynamic lifestyle of a student.
Learn why assistive listening devices on top of hearing aids are important for challenging and noisy listening situations such as lecture halls, restaurants, social gatherings. We will also discuss how this technology can be used to improve listening and communication with all forms of multimedia, such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and the television.


New Inspiration RD for macOS & Chromebooks

We will introduce you to Inspiration RD, our new cloud based remote desktop service for accessing Inspiration 10 on Chromebooks and macOS.

Now available through these devices, Inspiration makes it fast for users to capture and develop their ideas visually, kick-start the writing process by adding notes, then outline and auto-format papers and reports with our powerful outlining tool; ready to transfer to Word or PowerPoint. Before you know it you have a comprehensive and well-structured paper or presentation, alongside great revision resources.

Inspiration RD is SFE approved for DSA.


Spellex British Assistive Technology Solutions

Our presentation will cover Spellex’s assistive technology products and course specific vocabularies that provide basic literacy assistance for neurodiverse students and professionals.
We will provide a brief overview of our speech and spelling vocabularies for the fields of nursing, medicine, science, engineering, and law, and show a complete demonstration of new enhancements to Spellex Write-Assist, our all-in-one AT Solution!
Spellex Write-Assist now integrates with Google Chrome and Microsoft Office and includes speech-to-text, text-to-speech, definitions and pronunciations, advanced British spelling and error reporting, screen masking, dyslexic type font, picture dictionary, pdf tools, image-to-text, and more!

Learning Labs Ltd

The holistic, digital solution to inclusivity and mental wellbeing support

Discover how students and staff can benefit from a holistic approach to inclusivity and mental wellbeing support in one digital platform.

The most recent development has been the launch of Learning Labs’ new mental wellbeing hub, which is based on a unique, evidence-based concept known as the Six Domains of Mental WellnessTM. Students and staff can learn about the Six Domains of Mental WellnessTM, assess their own mental wellness, develop their mental wellness and share their experience with a mentor.

Higher and further education institutions can access the admin dashboard, designed specifically to enable whole institution mental wellbeing management.

Present Pal

Present Pal - Using technology to improve presentation confidence

In the classroom, 25% of students fear oral communication, but this figure hits a staggering 86% amongst students with specific learning differences - who often struggle with public speaking, due to working memory and the social challenges these situations present.

Join Joe Dawber, UK Education Manager at Present Pal, who will be discussing these challenges and how Present Pal, an accessible working memory aid, can improve confidence and presentation skills for students with disabilities.


9.00-9.30am - Arrival and refreshments

9.30-9.40am - Welcome

9.40-10.00am - Presentation #1

10.05-10.25am - Presentation #2

10.30-10.50am - Presentation #3

10.50-11.00am - Break and refreshments

11.00-11.20am - Presentation #4

11.25-11.45am - Presentation #5

11.50-12.10pm - Presentation #6

12.10-12.20pm - Break and Refreshments

12.20-12.40pm - Presentation #7

12.45-1.05pm - Presentation #8

1.05pm - Close of event

Event venue - Belfast

Europa Hotel Belfast City Centre

Europa Hotel, Great Victoria St. Belfast BT2 7AP


Event venue - Sheffield

Mercure Sheffield St Paul's Hotel & Spa

119 Norfolk St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2JE

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