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6 Free online webinars - 2 webinars each day on the

23rd, 24th and 25th June at 10.30am and 1.00pm

Booking is now closed

TechEd Showase CPD Fest will be hosting 6 live assistive technology webinars.

Once you have registered, you will be able to watch any of the webinars live and you'll have access to watch the recorded webinars until Friday 3rd July, so you won't miss out!

Webinars will be presented by:

Inspiration at 10.30am on Tuesday 23rd June

Claro Software at 1.00pm on Tuesday 23rd June

Aspire Software Solutions Ltd at 10.30am on Wednesday 24th June

Texthelp at 1.00pm on Wednesday 24th June

Ghotit at 10.30am on Thursday 25th June

Glean by Sonocent at 1.00pm on Thursday 25th June

This event is aimed at DSA and Access To Work Assessors, Disability and Student Services Professionals, Learning Technologists, Study Support and Assistive Technology Tutors


CPD Fest Webinar Presenters

Presentation by Inspiration:

Inspiration 10 (NEW) - giving neurodiverse users or those with mental health issues the freedom to capture, express and communicate their ideas and understanding of concepts visually, and support the writing process

Launching in September, learn how the simplicity of Inspiration 10 and its highly visual approach supports users with SpLDs and anxiety to succeed academically or in the workplace; for planning and organising, communicating ideas, making visual notes, outlining, writing, revision and creating presentations.

Users quickly capture and develop their ideas graphically, kick start the writing process by adding notes and outlining; then either transfer their work to Word or PowerPoint. 

In this session, learn about the new features and enhancements added to Inspiration 10, to make it even easier to restructure ideas during the outlining and writing process. Plus, we have added support for foreign language characters and emojis.

About Inspiration

Presentation by Claro Software:

A guide to ClaroRead including the newest features

You have students with dyslexia and other reading and writing difficulties: we have software on every platform that can help, but there is so much of it! During the webinar I will show you the main features of ClaroRead and our apps as well as what's new for PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablets and phones. Bring your questions and contact us if you would like a free copy.

About Claro Software

Presentation by Aspire Software Solutions Ltd :

Aspire - A full insight to the student support platform

In the presentation, I will be showing how Aspire's content is dynamic and individual to each student based upon:
- Course and campus of study
- Preferred learning style
- Recommended assistive technology
- How the students course is assessed

I will also be showing some key features within the platform including the option for students to add Tutors, study skills coaches or NMH workers to Aspire to allow them to work interactively via Aspire.

About Aspire

Presentation by Texthelp:

Providing support for all using Read&Write and EquatIO.

During this webinar, each feature of both Read&Write and EquatIO will be demonstrated using specific higher education level content. This will cover the reading & writing, researching and studying tools of Read&Write as well as the expression and study tools of EquatIO. Also, the new exam functionality available within Read&Write will be shown alongside several new updates and how both R&W and EquatIO can be used in a LMS.

About Texthelp

Presentation by Ghotit:

Find out more about Ghotit – advanced dyslexia software and mobile applications for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities

The webinar will introduce you to Ghotit Real Writer & Reader, an assistive technology that helps people with reading and writing issues to communicate freely.

At the core of Ghotit’s patented technology is an advanced set of phonetic, grammatical and context-aware algorithms that assist struggling writers to produce error-free text. Ghotit is used worldwide by people with dyslexia and dysgraphia in many educational institutes and is DSA approved.

The Ghotit solutions include an “All in One” set of tools optimized for assisting reading and writing for those with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities. The Ghotit solutions include the following modules: Spell checker, Grammar checker, Re wording, Word prediction and Reading assistance tools including advanced Screenshot Reader.

About Ghotit

Presentation by Glean:

Glean - Meaningful notes with minimal effort: the new note-taking app shaped by students

Any student taking notes — regardless of their learning needs — faces a dilemma: concentrate and engage in the moment, or create notes to return to and consolidate. It is a problem that we have been pondering at Sonocent for over a decade and one that, to date, we argue that no other note-taking tool or accommodation solves. 

That argument is based on over 500 studies and research papers, interviews with more than 5000 students, and surveys with upwards of 1,200 Disability Services professionals. 

This presentation will endeavour to explain why we should be concerned with the impact that the notetaker’s dilemma can have on students’ learning experience: how it affects their access to information, engagement, and ultimately attainment. We will listen to students as they explore why note-taking is important to their learning so delegates can discuss and debate the question of whether, without good note taking, students’ talent and time goes to waste. 

We will then explore our new dual online/offline web app, Glean, now available through the DSA. It has been developed in partnership with students and disability and accessibility professionals to solve this dilemma. In particular, we will look at the simple workflows students can follow to take personalised notes, as well as the accessibility features that have been baked in from Glean’s inception. 

Plus, we will share student feedback collected from learners using Glean and show  how they have been able to accommodate or overcome their individual challenges to note-taking as a result of a disability or learning difficulty.

About Glean by Sonocent