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Stay Tuned for Upcoming TechEd Showcase Events

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Throughout the year we provide a programme of online, regional and national events focused on the use of assistive technology within education, workplace and home learning. These are a mixture of free and paid for events.

TechEd Showcase AT Speed Date Online

Tuesday 18th October

9.30am - 12.55pm GMT


The TechEd Showcase AT Speed Date Online is back!

This event is FREE to attend and gives you the opportunity to listen to the latest updates from 7 assistive technology providers. Delegates will be allocated to small groups so that there is an opportunity for interaction with the presenter during each session.

Exhibitors will give a 20 minute presentation to each group of delegates in a carousel format, so that each group of delegates hears a presentation from each exhibitor. Free licences and freebies will be available from some of the exhibitors. 

Presenters: Inspiration 10, Glean, VoxAid, Top Class Computers (UK) presenting Dragon eLearning Solution, Brain in Hand, Caption.Ed and Learning Labs.

TechEd Showcase Lunch & Learn with Alice May and Brain in Hand: Self Image - Helping Me Be Me

12.00PM to 12.45PM UK (BST)

Tuesday 11th


Wednesday 19th October

Tuesday 25th


Title reads: Lunch & Learn with Alice May and Brain in Hand: Self Image - Helping Me Be Me, Brain in Hand Logo, photo of Alice, top corner reads FREE WEBINAR

Our TechEd Showcase Lunch & Learn webinars focus on the challenges and barriers faced by people in their daily lives, and how assistive technology can make a difference.

Join our FREE 45-minute webinar which will focus on the different aspects that make up who a person is. This includes external influences on our self-image (family, friends, social media, pandemic); illness identity (taking on a self-image associated with a condition or illness); and improving our sense of self-image. It will also touch on how digital tools combined with human support can help develop self-image and identity.

October's series of 3 repeated webinars will be delivered by Alice May, who has a masters in Neurorehabilitation. Alice's work focuses on supporting people in the workplace, but she has also worked with people with learning disabilities living in residential care and people with brain and spinal injuries completing rehabilitation programmes in hospital.

The webinar will also be joined by Francis Oliver, who will introduce Brain in Hand - a digital healthcare company and an innovation leader in supported self-management. They work with the NHS, Local Authorities and are available through Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) and are approved by the Department for Work and Pensions (Access to Work). At the heart of the business is a revolutionary approach to support student services, improving the lives of autistic people and those with neurological difference or anxiety-related mental health difficulties. Using a combination of human and simple practical digital tools, it delivers in the moment support when it is needed. Having the right support at university can help prevent student attrition and increase student retention.

This session will include an opportunity for questions & answers and all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

These sessions are suitable for professionals working in mental health, education, workplace, SEN and disability.

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