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6th February, Swindon Marriott Hotel

Join us for FREE between 9am-1.05pm, where you will break into small groups of 5-7 people and move around the room, listening to 20-minute presentations by 8 assistive technology specialists for SEN, whilst seated at their stand. The sessions will be a mixture of new product demos, new version updates or have a case study/research focus.

This event is aimed at SENCos, Inclusion Managers, Senior Leadership Team, SEN Governors, Local Authority SEND Advisors, Additional Learning Support and Disability Advisers, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Mentors, Study Skills Tutors, and Specialist TAs in schools and colleges.

This Event Is Now Fully Booked


Showcase Presenters

Presentation by Sal McKeown: Developing positive learning experiences and improving the well-being of children with SEND

Sal McKeown is a writer and freelance journalist focusing on disability, education and technology. She writes regularly for Education Today, Early Years Educator, Teach Secondary and Primary School Management and is the author of several books on dyslexia including How to Help Your Dyslexic and Dyspraxic Child published by Crimson. Formerly a lecturer in further education and for the Open University and Workers’ Educational Association, she is a member of The Good Schools Guide’s special needs team and a judge for the Bett and Education Resources awards.

Presentation by Claro Software: Helping students with reading and writing difficulties

You have students with dyslexia and other reading and writing difficulties: we have software on every platform that can help, but there is so much of it! If you're new to our products we will show you the main features of ClaroRead and our apps,and if you're familiar with the basics, you can discover what's new for PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablets and phones. Bring your questions and have a go yourself!

About Claro Software 

Presentation by Crick Software: Clicker and DocsPlus  

We believe that too many children struggle with their learning due to their literacy difficulties. We create our products so that every child can overcome those difficulties and achieve their potential.  

Clicker is our child-friendly word processor that helps emergent and struggling writers develop literacy skills and build confidence in their writing.  

DocsPlus is an exam-friendly word-processor designed for struggling writers in secondary school and further education. DocsPlus’ planning, scaffolding and spelling support tools makes it especially suitable for students with dyslexia.  

Our literacy tools are available for PC, Mac, iPad and Chromebook.  

About Crick Software  

Presentation by Gordon Morris: Improving your students' ability to listen, comprehend and synthesize the teacher's verbal instructions in the classroom

Classrooms are noisy places. Lively discussions and interactions between teachers and students are vital for effective learning. Unfortunately, the reality is that classroom acoustics are usually less than ideal and teachers are often speaking to students from a distance. This means that a child’s daily learning environment comes with many listening challenges. In this presentation, learn how the Roger Digimaster solution has been proven to have a significant effect on educational outcomes and the reduction of the attainment gap for ALL students.  

How? Roger Digimaster gently amplifies a teacher's voice, making significant improvements to a student's ability to listen, understand and synthesize what is being said. It keeps ALL students on task, leading to improved learning outcomes.  

We’re eager to share the results from a recent longitudinal PHD study of 495 participants in 25 classrooms over 5 years.  

For students it helps them to; • Improve their ability to listen, comprehend and synthesize the teacher's verbal instructions • Remain engaged, follow direction and remain on task • Achieve better learning outcomes  

Teachers benefit because • Less need for repetition of instructions • Improved ability to control the class • Better behaviour  

About Gordon Morris 

Presentation by Inspiration : Inspiration 9 and Maps: The simple and fast diagramming and mind mapping tool for students with SpLDs and Anxiety

Learn how the simplicity of Inspiration and its highly visual approach is helping students with SpLDs and anxiety to succeed; for planning and organising, communicating ideas, making visual notes, academic writing, revision and creating presentations.  

Students quickly capture and develop their ideas graphically, kick start the writing process by adding notes and outlining; then either transfer their work to Word or PowerPoint.  

A popular recommendation within DSA and a go-to-favourite for many schools, colleges and universities, Inspiration has many built-in accessibility features such as the rapid fire tool, large symbols library, text-to-speech, talking interface, audio notes, highly customisable interface and more!

About TechEd Marketing, the Publisher

Presentation by Iansyst Ltd: Showcasing the latest and most popular Assistive Technology solutions

With the increased need for education institutions to provide additional disability support, Iansyst and would like to showcase and discuss our latest and most popular Assistive Technology solutions for creating a fully inclusive learning environment at a secondary and higher level.

About Iansyst Ltd.

Presentation by Widgit: We will be demonstrating Widgit Online which comes with our database of over 18,000 Widgit Symbols.  

Widgit Online allows you to create visual, communication and learning supports in your web browser using 100s of easy-to-use templates with no installation or updating required!  

We will show you how to create symbol supported documents and access our wide variety of grid templates.  

Find out how you can share resources with colleagues, friends and family using our "Group Accounts". We will also show you how to turn your resources into PDF documents and view them on a iPad or tablet.  

We will also demonstrate our "Dual Language" add on which allows you to translate your materials into more than 80 different languages!

About Widget

Presentation by Wordshark Online: Helping struggling spellers to succeed

We will be presenting Wordshark Online, our NEW whole school solution that helps SEND students who struggle with spelling to succeed, as well as challenging high achievers to develop their vocabulary.

Even reluctant students are motivated by Wordshark! Multi-sensory, carefully thought-through games and structured word lists make the program ideal for SEND. The courses and games are perfect for students learning English as an additional language. Plus teachers and students can create their own word lists to play against.

A new baseline test places each student at the best starting point. They can work independently and move forward with their own individual learning journey. This gives teachers more time to focus on providing help where it is truly needed.

We will show how Wordshark tracks each student's progress, allowing teachers to see what they have mastered and where they may be struggling.

About Wordshark


09.00-09.30 Registration, refreshments and exhibition

09.30-09.45 Welcome  

09.45-10.05 Presentation #1  

10.05-10.25 Presentation #2  

10:25-10.45 Presentation #3

10:45-11.05 Refreshment Break  

11.05-11.25 Presentation #4  

11.25-11.45 Presentation #5  

11.45-12.05 Presentation #6  

12.05-12.25 Refreshment Break  

12.25-12.45 Presentation #7  

12.45-13.05 Presentation #8  

13.05 Close of Event

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