Assistive Technology Specialists Presenting Webinars on the

12th-15th October and 19th October

About Claro Software

Claro Software develops assistive technology,  for people with print and reading difficulties like dyslexia, to help them achieve all they can. ClaroRead reads any text aloud in clear, high quality voices. Whether it’s a long PDF, proofreading an assignment or even reading a letter, the software helps you to concentrate on content and meaning rather than stumbling through each word. ClaroRead’s many tools include ScreenRuler (which tints the screen and provides a configurable ruler to help you follow text), word prediction and a dyslexia-friendly spell checker. Our apps (ClaroSpeak, Claro ScanPen and ClaroPDF) provide text-to-speech and other assistance on the move. They can even read text from your photos.

About TechEd Marketing

Founded in 2012, TechEd Marketing is a fast growing publisher, conference organiser and marketing services consultancy, specialising in SEN and Assistive Technology solutions. Our expertise is in developing and bringing to market technology products and services aimed at the education, home learning and workplace sectors.

Our brands include Inspiration, TechEd Showcase and ATEC.

Additionally, we provide marketing consultancy services to several high-profile assistive technology companies within the edtech industry. |

About Wordshark Online

Wordshark, for ages 5-15 is a trusted, versatile reading and spelling resource, bought almost entirely on recommendation, helping all students in school, including those with SEND. Wordshark has been re-written and is now on the web. Students can learn their spellings and develop their reading skills from home as well as at school, accessing Wordshark on smaller devices such as iPads and Chromebooks. The new program includes a placement test called ‘Shark Challenge’ and an automatic progression mode called ‘Supershark’, or you can set work if you prefer with multiple courses to choose from. You can also add your own words!

About Widgit

Widgit aids understanding and communication for people who find reading text difficult.
We have developed a very large and widely recognised symbol set which is used all over the world.

Symbols can significantly help people who have a learning difficulty, speak English as an additional language, or children who are learning to read.

Widgit Symbols support teaching and learning throughout the primary and secondary curriculum to ensure that children can access and understand lessons.

We have developed a wide range of products and services to cater for the needs of symbol users and service providers.

About Rainforest Coding

We make it fun and easy for SEND and primary age students to learn coding, both in the classroom and at home. 

Easy to set up by teachers, Rainforest coding offers a fun, self-paced, online learning environment for students to learn Scratch coding. Plus, with in-built reports, teachers can easily monitor progress at a class and student level - providing evidence of skills learnt and progress made. 

As students complete adventures, they face a series of interactive puzzles, games and challenges, centred around learning the key principles of coding. As well as the basics they will learn advanced programming techniques such as Define Blocks, Conditional Statements, Cloning and Variables.