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TechEd Showcase AT Speed Dates

The TechEd Showcase team are excited to announce our FREE AT Speed Dates scheduled for February 2022.

These have always been run to enable small groups of like-minded professionals to listen to the latest developments in assistive technology software from AT specialists. The groups will consist of 7-10 people who will be allocated a seat for the duration of the event. Each presenter will move between each of the groups to minimise movement around the room.

The events will look and feel a little different this time as we put in place procedures to help us deliver a safe and secure event for our delegates, exhibitors and staff.

Book now for:

✓ Live, small group demonstrations from 6-8 assistive technology specialists

✓ Free CPD to help you provide the best support for your students and staff

✓ 20-25 minute sessions with regular breaks, covering a wide range of topics

✓ The opportunity to interact with the presenter and others in your group

✓ Free licences from some of the exhibitors


Wednesday 23rd February, 9.30am-1.05pm in Glasgow.

Inspiration 10, Glean (formerly Sonocent), Brain in Hand, Gordon Morris, Aspire Software Systems and Learning Labs Ltd.

Thursday 24th February, 9.30am-1.05pm in Birmingham.

Inspiration 10, Glean (formerly Sonocent), Brain in Hand, Gordon Morris, Aspire Software Systems, Microlink PC Ltd and Learning Labs Ltd.

AT Presentations


Gain an insight in to the Aspire student support platform

Gain an insight in to how the Aspire student support platform bridges the gap between the Assistive Technology and 1-2-1 support a student receives.
In the demonstration, we will be showing how the platform gives students effective strategies to create more independence across the Four Key Pillars:

  • Study skills
  • Assistive Technology
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Career related learning

You will also see the NEW Aspire App in action and how the app improves student mental health with it's reflective journal, wellbeing courses and 'to-do list'.

About Aspire Software Systems

Brain in Hand

How a combination of technology and human support can help students succeed in Higher Education

Come and find out more about how a blend of technology and real human support enables students to take control of their own independence in the way that is right for them. We will include a practical display of the system, give an insight into the human support involved in the student's journey and, share some of our latest student case studies.

About Brain in Hand


Introducing you to Caption.Ed - Online Captioning

Caption.Ed is an online captioning software for DSA students and Universities, already approved by SFE, SFW & SAAS for DSA solutions.

It has been designed for disabled students, universities and public sector organisations, in order to provide captioning for live audio and pre-recorded media. A DSA Student version of the product works out of the student browser to caption any online media and pre recorded media from YouTube to Zoom calls, and is powered by AI to display highly accurate captions in real time.

Our session will give you the opportunity to learn more about our captioning software and discuss software developments.

About Caption.Ed

Glean (formerly Sonocent)

Glean: new features to help your students produce even better notes

For many universities, colleges and DSA Needs Assessors, Glean is the go-to note taking solution for helping students with neurodifferences and disabilities produce better notes.  We are continually working hard to add new features to Glean, to enhance our users' note taking experience. In this demonstration, learn about the latest features that have been added.

About Glean

Gordon Morris

Latest Developments in Hearing Technology: Supporting Individuals with Hearing Loss

We will take a look at the difficulties individuals with a hearing loss face on a day to day basis, and asking the question; why are hearing aids alone not an all-encompassing solution? We will take a deep dive into the array of technology that ensures all individuals, children and adults alike, can embrace a dynamic lifestyle; in noisy environments, group situations & social activities.

About Gordon Morris

Inspiration 10

NEW features to Inspiration 10 & RD – It just gets better and better!

WIn this session, discover the new features and enhancements that have been added to Inspiration 10 and Inspiration RD, to boost achievement and success in education and the workplace. You will see why 89% of disability needs assessors and AT practitioners say they are more likely to recommend Inspiration to others after seeing these new features!

  • Citation tool, that allows users to add multiple references to symbols and branches on their visual map
  • Bibliography generator, that will automatically collect and sort all the citations into a dedicated Bibliography section within the Outline View. Users can then preview before exporting
  • New way to add multiple hyperlinks to a symbol
  • Copy to Clipboard feature, allowing Diagrams and Outlines to be quickly pasted into apps like Google Docs and OneNote
  • Export style headings, when transferring files to Word or to the Clipboard
  • Work focused templates

About Inspiration

Learning Labs Ltd

Introducing You To Learning Labs

Join us for a Learning Labs presentation and discover all things e-learning. Learning Labs complements AT Training with Read, Watch, Do and Quiz Labs, our learning structure is on-demand and interactive and offers course-long support to students. Our accessible and inclusive content not only supports AT training, but supports a positive mental health through our Mental Wellbeing platform built into Learning Labs.

About Learning Labs

Neo Smartpen

Introducing You To Neo Smartpen - Digitally Visualize Your Ideas on Paper

Neo smartpen N2 is designed to write like a conventional pen but combined with the benefits of digital convenience. Its ergonomic design feels comfortable in a user’s hand, just like a normal pen.

It empowers users to digitally add their ideas on paper, then transfer their work to the Neo Notes app on a connected smart device. The user can then edit and share their digital handwritten notes using the app.

The Neo N2 pen works with Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) for longer use when note taking. Combine this with being one of the slimest, lightest and sturdiest digital pens available, the Neo N2 is ideal for lectures and classes.

About Neo Smartpen

Microlink PC (UK) Ltd.

Improving Learning for Deaf Students

Signglasses patented technology is a software platform for Deaf students who use BSL as their primary form of communication. Users receive live Sign language interpreting either through a pair of glasses or on their laptop with an overlay of the lecture room.

It’s more than a video platform, all lectures are recorded, and offers tools to level the playing field and allow Deaf students to review lectures.
The Deaf students can bookmark and add notes to make content searchable for review after lectures to further enhance their learning.
All student bookings and invoicing is done via the signglasses software platform. This allows students to access a wider pool of qualified interpreters.

About Microlink PC (UK)Ltd.

Event venue - Glasgow

Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde

99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD


Event venue - Birmingham

H Suite

100 Icknield Port Rd, Birmingham, B16 0AA9

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